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Low-Pressure Roof Cleaning Services

First Choice Exterior Cleaning is a professional roof cleaning company in Jacksonville, FL. We only use low-pressure when cleaning roofs and will never use a pressure washer on a roof. You may hear this referred to as “Soft Washing“. This is to make sure your roof isn’t damaged during the cleaning process. Our roof cleaning service is backed with a 3-year warranty and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you notice algae coming back within 3 years of us cleaning, call us and we’ll come back out to clean the areas at no charge!

Your roof is the first line of defense for your home and one of the most critical for protecting your home. Because of this, your roof takes a beating over the years. As time passes, your roof builds up leaves, dirt, and other unsightly algae. This is why it’s important to clean your roof. Restore your roof to new with our roof cleaning services throughout Jacksonville, FL. We provide complete roof cleanings and we won’t leave any dirt or algae behind. We have great discounted exterior cleaning packages helping you save while getting your entire home clean. We also provide roof cleaning services in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL.

It’s The Details That Count

Before we start cleaning the roof, we take precautions and identify any vulnerable landscaping near your roof. Once we’ve accounted for all plants, we start with soaking the landscaping with water. This allows the plants to soak up H20 which helps them not absorb any roof cleaning chemicals. From there we’ll cover any delicate or vulnerable plants with a breathable tarp. These steps help ensure no landscaping gets harmed during the cleaning process. We know a great looking roof won’t matter if these extra precautions aren’t taken and your grass or landscaping gets damaged. That’s why were the right company to clean your roof!

If you decide to choose another company to clean your roof, please remember; Never let a roof cleaning company use high-powered machines on your roof. This can cause major damage and reduce the overall life of your roof. In most cases, it will take away that roof warranty you had on it as well. We make sure the job gets done right the first time. Give us a call to get your free roof cleaning estimate!

Avoid Further Roof Damage

If left untreated, algae can cause rot and damage to your roof. If that happens, you’ll have to repair or even replace your shingles. Avoid the headache of needing roof work by relying on our roof cleaning service. We remove any algae before it takes hold and damages your shingles. Make sure you avoid a future roof replacement job and get your roof cleaned today!

Give us a call today to schedule your free roof cleaning Jacksonville, FL estimate. We’re on a mission to get every roof in Jacksonville sparkling clean!

Our Roof Cleaning Process:

We only use low-pressure cleaning combined with safe and biodegradable chemicals for our roof cleanings. However, in some cases, these chemicals can harm your landscaping if the roof cleaning company you hire isn’t experienced. We go above and beyond to protect your landscaping by taking time to access vulnerable areas and cover plants when needed. This is the attention to detail you’ll get when you hire First Choice Exterior Cleaning for your roof cleaning service!

Our typical roof cleaning process: 

  1. Pre-wet all landscaping/yard with water so they do not absorb any roof cleaning chemicals
  2. If there are vulnerable plants underneath the roof life we’ll cover those with a tarp
  3. Bag downspouts: If there are downspouts discharging onto concrete or near vulnerable plants we’ll bag those so the chemicals are contained
  4. Start applying the roof cleaning solution. As we apply the solution, we’ll continue to soak surrounding landscaping with water. We work in sections so we’re able to focus our attention on that particular section of your roof and yard.
  5. Let the roof cleaning solution sit and do its work
  6. Rinse: If you hire another roof cleaning company, make sure you ask if they rinse afterward or not. Not all roof cleaning companies will rinse once they apply the solution as they have other jobs to get to. This will leave dead algae on your roof until mother nature decides it’s time to rain. Living in Florida, we know it could be weeks until that happens. We take the extra time to rinse your roof to remove the dead algae and give you a better appearance. In most cases, we remove about 90% of the roof cleaning solution. Mother nature will come through and remove the rest!

If you want a clean roof done the right way, give us a call for a FREE roof cleaning estimate!

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