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Low-Pressure Roof Cleaning Services From The Experts

First Choice Exterior Cleaning is a professional roof cleaning company located in Jacksonville, FL and we provide low-pressure roof cleanings to residents of Duval, Clay, and St. Johns County. We only use low-pressure when cleaning roofs and will never use a pressure washer on a roof. You may hear this referred to as “Soft Washing“. This is to make sure your roof isn’t damaged during the cleaning process. Our roof cleaning service is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Roof cleaning is not just about aesthetics; it plays a crucial role in preserving the integrity and lifespan of your roof. Over time, rooftops gather debris, such as leaves, twigs, and dirt, which can trap moisture and lead to the growth of mold and algae. These organisms can eat away at the roof’s surface, causing it to deteriorate and potentially resulting in costly repairs or replacements. Additionally, a dirty roof can impact the energy efficiency of your home, as the accumulation of dirt and algae can prevent sunlight from properly reflecting off the roof’s surface.

Regular roof cleaning can prevent these issues and extend the lifespan of your roof. By keeping your roof clean, you ensure that it remains in optimal condition, protecting your home from potential water damage and reducing the risk of leaks. Furthermore, a clean roof enhances the overall curb appeal of your property, making it more attractive to potential buyers if you ever decide to sell.

It’s The Details That Count

The roof cleaning procedure we follow is approved and recommended by the ARMA. This is the main roofing association that sets standards and guidelines on proper roof cleaning techniques.

Before we start cleaning the roof, we take precautions and identify any vulnerable landscaping near your roof. Once we’ve accounted for all plants, we start with wetting the landscaping with water. This allows the plants to soak up H20 which helps them not absorb any roof-cleaning chemicals. From there we’ll cover any delicate or vulnerable plants with a breathable tarp and we always neutralize after the cleaning which is something most other companies do not do. These steps help ensure no landscaping gets harmed during the cleaning process. We know a great-looking roof won’t matter if these extra precautions aren’t taken and your grass or landscaping gets damaged. That’s why we’re the right company to clean your roof!

If you decide to choose another company to clean your roof, please remember; Never let a roof cleaning company use high-powered machines on your roof. This can cause major damage and reduce the overall life of your roof. High pressure will remove most of the granular off your asphalt shingles, if not removing the shingle altogether. If you have a tile roof, it can cause the tiles to crack or loosen the mortar which holds the tile together. Not only will a pressure washer cause damage but, in most cases, it will take away that roof warranty you had on it as well. We make sure the job gets done right the first time. Give us a call to get your free roof cleaning estimate!

Avoid Further Roof Damage

If left untreated, algae can cause rot and damage your roof. If that happens, you’ll have to repair or even replace your shingles earlier than expected. Avoid the headache of needing roof work by relying on our professional roof cleaning service. We remove any algae before it takes hold and causes additional damage to your shingles.

In today’s market, a lot of asphalt shingles are constructed using crush limestones. This limestone acts as a rich food source for algae to thrive on your roof. Living in Jacksonville, Florida creates a perfect environment due to the amount of rain and sun we receive. The black streaks you see on your roof is a form of this bacteria called gloeocapsa magma. This bacteria protects itself by creating its own layer of sunscreen so it can survive on your roof. Not only will the bacteria eat away at your roof, but it will cause your roof to be not as reflective. This means your roof isn’t reflecting sunlight away from the house which can actually increase your overall energy consumption.

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Our Roof Cleaning Process:

We only use low-pressure cleaning combined with safe and biodegradable chemicals for our roof cleanings. However, in some cases, these chemicals can harm your landscaping if the roof cleaning company you hire isn’t experienced. We go above and beyond to protect your landscaping by taking time to access vulnerable areas and cover plants when needed. This is the attention to detail you’ll get when you hire First Choice Exterior Cleaning for your roof cleaning service!

Our Roof Cleaning Process: 

  1. Pre-wet: All landscaping/yard with water so they do not absorb any roof cleaning chemicals
  2. If there are vulnerable plants underneath the roof drip line, we’ll cover those with a breathable wrap. This allows the plants to breathe while staying protected from the roof cleaning chemicals. Ordinary tarps will suffocate the plant if left on for an extended time
  3. Bag downspouts: If downspouts are discharging onto concrete (not being cleaned) or near vulnerable plants and/or grass we’ll bag those so the chemicals are contained
  4. Application: Start applying the roof cleaning solution. As we apply the solution, we’ll continue to soak the surrounding landscaping with water. We work in sections so we’re able to focus our attention on that particular section of your roof and yard
  5. Let the roof cleaning solution sit and do its work
  6. Rinse: If you hire another roof cleaning company, make sure you ask if they rinse afterward or not. Not all roof cleaning companies will rinse once they apply the solution as they have other jobs to get to. This will leave dead algae on your roof until Mother Nature decides it’s time to rain. Living in Florida, we know it could be weeks until that happens. We take the extra time to rinse your roof to remove the dead algae and give you a better appearance. In most cases, we remove about 70-80% of the roof-cleaning solution. Mother Nature will come through and remove the rest
  7. Protect: We don’t stop at rinsing! Once the final rinse is complete, we apply a plant protection product that buffers the leaves, neutralizes the roof-cleaning chemicals, and fertilizes the plants. It adds back vital nutrients at the base of the plants, helping beneficial bacteria repop­ulate the soil. Along with thorough rinsing with water before, during, and after the cleaning. Our Plant Wash is used as a final rinse to make absolutely sure every step has been taken to protect your landscape

The 3 Most Common Types of Roof Algae and Bacteria

While there are over a thousand different species of algae, mold, moss, and bacteria, there are only a few species commonly found on roofs in the Jacksonville, FL area. Depending on where you’re located and how many trees you have surrounding your house will dictate the types of algae and bacteria you have on your roof. No matter what type of algae is covering your roof, we can get it removed safely using a low-pressure roof cleaning procedure. Below are the 3 most common types of algae/bacteria we find when cleaning roofs in Duval, Clay, and St. Johns County.


The Most Common: Gloeocapsa magma

Gloeocapsa magma is the most common type of bacteria we find on roofs here in North Florida. You can identify this as black streaks on your roof. The bacteria form together and turn black to create their form of sunscreen which protects them from the sun’s rays. If they aren’t cleaned for your roof, they will eat away at the limestone of your shingles and reduce the overall life of your roof.

The 2nd Most Common: Lichen

While lichen is normally found on tree bark and rocks, it can also take hold and start growing on your roof. Lichen can be identified as a leafy algae and comes in many different forms and colors. While lichen is not as common as gloeocapsa magma, it can actually cause more damage to your roof. The roof system of lichen is more established and if not cleaned from your roof, can cause leak issues depending on the severity. Lichen is typically found in areas where there is an abundance of trees surrounding the property.

The 3rd Most Common: Moss

While moss growing on roofs is more commonly found in parts of the Northwest, we get our share here in Florida. This is due to the amount of rain and humidity we receive yearly. If you live in an area covered by trees and there are portions of your roof that get little to no sunlight then you have a good environment for moss to grow. Moss typically can cause the most damage to roofs if left untouched. Moss holds in more moisture and has a high amount of roots that attach to your shingles. Because of this, we recommend you call a reputable roof cleaning company in Jacksonville, FL to remove the moss before it takes hold and causes damage.

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