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First Choice Exterior Cleaning is a premier paver sealing company located in Jacksonville, FL. We provide quality paver sealing and restoration work to customers located in Duval, St. Johns, and Clay County. If you’ve had pavers recently installed or need help cleaning and restoring your older pavers, we’re the first choice to get the job done correctly and at a great price. A bad paver sealing job can end up costing you thousands to fix, so make sure you hire a paver sealing company that uses premium products as we do at First Choice. We’re a family-owned and operated company and the person you speak with during the estimate is the same one who will be back to complete the work. All paver sealing estimates are free of charge so contact us today to schedule your estimate!

Do I Need To Seal My Pavers?

We get asked this question a lot and there are a few reasons why you should get your pavers sealed every 3-5 years. To start, sealing your pavers is the most beneficial thing you can do to ensure they last longer, ward off stains, and maintain their beauty. If you choose not to seal your pavers they may suffer the effects of erosion, weed growth, mold or mildew build-up, discoloration, and can become loose. 

Reason #1: It protects the paver and prolongs the life of the paver from the harsh and harmful UV rays we have here in North Florida. The correct seal will help your pavers retain their color as opposed to fading out.

Reason #2: Helps limit weed growth between the paver joints. We use industry C144 sand and joint stabilizing sealers. This hardens the sand to not only limit sand-loss but help prevent weed growth in between pavers.

Reason #3: Easier maintenance & cleaning. Having sealed pavers means removing dirt, algae, and stains will be easier as the stains can’t soak into the pavers.

When considering the cost a paver installation, keep in mind that there is routine maintenance that will be needed to maintain their beautiful finish even after they’ve been sealed. Contact us today to schedule your free paver sealing quote!

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Our 2 Day Paver Sealing Process

At First Choice Exterior Cleaning, we believe in 2 Day paver sealing process to provide the best results for your pavers. Most paver sealing companies don’t focus enough on the cleaning and prepping of your pavers before they seal which results in a poor or failed project. An improperly prepped surface will fail no matter what type of quality sealer is used on the pavers. While you “can” get away with cleaning and sealing on the same day, we know the results aren’t as good if you wait for the surface to dry. We clean your pavers using our 1-2-3 cleaning process. This means we use 3 different cleaning chemicals on your pavers so they can be in the best shape possible for sealing. Those chemicals include an efflorescence cleaner, an advance organic stain/rust remover, and a multi-purpose cleaner to top it off. Once your pavers are clean, we need to wait for the surface to dry before sealing. Waiting for the surface to dry brings a better-finished product along with better joint stabilization. In most cases we can come back the next day to seal but each situation is different and will be discussed with your during the initial estimate. If you’re going to invest your hard-earned money in protecting your pavers, make sure it’s done right the first time, and contact us for a free estimate!

Step 1: Remove Previous Sand
The first step in prepping for paver sealing is to remove the old sand between the paver joints. Most sand used by paver installation companies is of poor quality and holds a lot of moisture which helps algae and weeds grow through the cracks. There are also many cases of no sand existing due to years of pressure washing the pavers. Trident joint sand is the ideal choice when replacing old, dirty, and washed-out joint sand from a segmental pavement system. Trident’s clean kiln dried joint sand meets ASTM-C144 gradation which is more stable in the paver joints and ensures the long-term performance of the segmental system.

Step 2: Efflorescence Treatment
If efflorescence is visibly present or you have newer pavers, we’ll use a chemical specifically designed to help remove the powdery substance. Efflorescence is a whitish haze/chalky substance that appears on the surface of concrete pavers within a few weeks or months of installation. Efflorescence may also be referred to as calcium hydroxide or free lime. Efflorescence is a completely natural occurrence and we see it all the time. It usually occurs in random areas throughout all types of concrete pavers. However, it may appear more pronounced on dark-colored pavers or in covered areas such as patios, or areas where pavers are layed on top of concrete.

Step 3: Multi-Purpose Cleaner/Advanced Organic Remover
This is where we differentiate ourselves from most paver sealing companies in the area. While most companies use bleach to pre-treat your pavers, we use a multi-purpose cleaner designed specifically for pavers. While using bleach is a cheaper alternative, it is mostly composed of sodium (salt) and is very hard to rinse completely from the surface. If all bleach residue isn’t removed completely, it will be sealed into the pavers which will cause issues down the road.

Step 4: Surface Clean Pavers (2 Times)
Following the application of our advanced organic chemical, we will surface clean the pavers in one direction. Our objective here is not only to remove all the dirt and grime from the surface of the pavers but also to remove as much old sand from the joints as possible. Following a light rinse, next, we’ll apply our multi-purpose cleaner and surface clean the pavers in the opposite direction. This ensures every piece of dirt and mold is removed from the surface of your pavers.

At this point in the process, your pavers will have been treated up to 3 times with our effloresnce cleaner. 1 time with our advance organic removal cleaner. 1 time with our multi-purose cleaner and surface cleaned 2 times. This means your pavers are cleaner than they were when they were first installed!


Step 5: Re-Sand Paver Joints
Following the surface cleaning of the pavers, we’ll come through with the Trident ASTM-C144 sand of your choice. We use a hydro-compaction method of installing the new sand. We have 5 sand colors available which include: tan, gray, fieldstone, platinum, and black. This sand is clean kiln dried joint sand that meets ASTM-C144 gradation which is more stable in the paver joints and ensures the long-term performance of the segmental system.

Step 6: Seal Pavers (Day 2)
Now that the prepping and cleaning are finished, it’s time to seal your pavers! After inspecting pavers and ensuring they are ready to seal, we’ll begin the sealing process. All of our paver sealing jobs come with a minimum of 2 coats but in some cases, more coats will be needed. These are things we look for and discuss with you during the initial estimate.

Once we’ve finished with the final coat, we ask our customers to let the pavers sit for 24 hours without foot traffic. Once it’s been 24 hours, they can take on light foot traffic, but it’s recommended to wait at least 48 hours before you drive on or place furniture back on the freshly sealed surface.

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Patio With Our "Cyclone" Sealer

We’re A Master Certified Trident Paver Sealing Company

First Choice Exterior Cleaning is committed to providing paver sealing services with only premium products. This is why we exclusively use Trident paver sealing products. Not only do we use Trident products, but we’re also a certified Trident paver sealing company. This means we’ve gone through hours of in-person training and have passed all tests and qualifications throught Trident. From the prepping to the sealing, everything we use is from Trident whose products are only available for contractors. Trident’s in-house chemical technology team, with decades of expertise and experience, is committed to developing innovative, high-quality products that can fully restore concrete, stone, masonry, and paver surfaces. Trident’s owned and operated production facilities ensure that only the finest quality raw materials combined with state-of-the-art technology are used in making our products the best in the industry.

If you decide to use another paver sealing company in Jacksonville, FL., ask them what brand of sealer they’re going to use on your pavers. Do your research on that brand to ensure you aren’t going to be spending more money down the road to fix a failed sealer.

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Patio With Our "Cat 5" Sealer
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Entryway With Our "Cat 5" Sealer
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Driveway With Our "Cat 5" Sealer
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Patio With Our "Cat 5" Sealer
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Travertine With Our "Cyclone" Sealer
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Pool Deck With Our "Cat 5" Sealer
paver sealing company jacksonville, fl

Our Sealers

Natural/Matte Finish


Cyclone locks in a clean, natural look with a matte finish. It will protect the surface from a variety of contaminants and makes cleaning and maintenance easier. Cyclone will harden joint sand which helps reduce sand washout, weeds and insect infestation. An added antifungal protects the sealer film from mold, moss and algae. Cyclone is a water based film forming sealer.

Most Popular (Semi-Gloss)

Hurricane Cat 5

Hurricane CAT 5 is the ultimate in 2-part sealers made with a new generation urethane providing ultra-durability surface protection. Its Armor Bond joint stabilization hardens joint sand to prevent sand washout. It provides the deepest color enhancement with a semi-gloss or high gloss finish using T3 True Tone Technology. It has an added antifungal that protects the sealer film from mold, moss, and algae. 

Water Repelling

Break Wall

Break Wall is a high-performance silane/siloxane blend that protects the surface from water penetration, salt & freeze/thaw damage. Its advanced reactive chemistry provides excellent surface protection. Break Wall is a water-based invisible penetrating sealer and will not change the appearance of your pavers.

Sand Options

Not only will we walk you through the different sealers we carry, but you also have the ability to choose the sand color of your liking! This gives you one more additional option you get to choose for your pavers. You’re spending good money on sealing your pavers so we want every single detail to be what you want. While other paver sealing contractors use a combination of play sand and pool filter sand, we believe in using only the best kiln-dried joint sand which meets ASTM-C144 gradation. During the estimate, we’ll bring a sample of each sand color so we can compare different colors with your pavers. What color sand is your favorite?!

5 Star Rated on Google!

Jason Whitener
Jason Whitener
Quality of work was outstanding. Really appreciate the attention to detail and follow through. Very happy with the results and will definitely schedule twice a year. Thank you so much!
Michael Shalley
Michael Shalley
First Choice did a great job pressure washing our home ! He previously had done our roof and did an excellent job! Five star honest and thorough!!
Robert Hall
Robert Hall
Randy completed all work exactly when and how he said he would. Honest and professional.
Annie Ascioti-Davis
Annie Ascioti-Davis
Randy did a great job on our pavers, they look brand new! We would highly recommend!
Bob E
Bob E
Great service! Very professional and courteous! AAA+++++
Fred Bornman
Fred Bornman
We needed to have our rather large driveway cleaned and are new to the area so we weren’t sure who to call. I saw a post by Randy at First Choice Exterior Cleaning on Nextdoor a couple of days ago so I decided to give him a call. He came out today and did a phenomenal job for us. Not only was he priced reasonably, he was very professional and friendly. I definitely recommend him if you need a cleaning. If you’re reading this Randy, thanks again!! We’re very happy.
Jody dughi
Jody dughi
Everything went well with the roof cleaning. I would definitely refer them to others. I came across this company through a neighbor’s referral.
S Johnson
S Johnson
I had Randy come out and clean my roof. He sends multiple notifications using both text and email to keep you updated. He also texts when he is on his way. 1/3rd of the roof was 9 years old and the other 2/3rds was 4 1/2 years old after having been damaged by hurricane Irma. We did have one small problem with the chlorine smell as the A/C was drawing it into the house. This was remedied by turning the A/C off. Randy uses a chlorine neutralizer at the end of the job to mostly eliminate the residual odor. Very happy with the results as you can see in the picture.
Christina Toledo
Christina Toledo
I can’t say enough GREAT things about this company! Randy is everything a GREAT company represents! Very prompt, efficient, responsive, punctual, and a great job on the pavers with a reasonable price! I would highly recommend this company for anyone needing their pavers sealed!
Brian Van Osdol
Brian Van Osdol
Spent a lot of time and was very detailed. Our roof looks as good as new.
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