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Keep Your Driveway Clean Using Bleach

Pressure washing a driveway is usually one of those tasks that wait until you receive a letter from the HOA. By this time, there is typically a lot of grime and algae build-up. Whether you decide to tackle the driveway cleaning yourself or hire a professional pressure washing company, we have a simple DIY maintenance tip you can try at home!

**Always wear gloves, eyewear, and a protective mask when handling bleach and/or chlorine**

How To Kill Algae on Driveway Without Using a Pressure Washer

The following instructions are for our post-treatment application but can also be used as a maintenance plan for keeping your driveway clean. These are based on using a 1-gallon pump sprayer, but any size pump sprayer can be used. Since you are working with bleach, you should always practice safe handling techniques. This includes wearing gloves, eyewear, and appropriate clothing to cover exposed skin. Contact with bleach can cause severe skin damage.

If you keep up with this regular maintenance plan it will keep your driveway cleaner for a longer duration. We recommend applying bleach at least every six months. This changes depending on where you live and the construction of your driveway. If there are spots of your driveway that don’t drain well, you may need to apply every other month. If you live in an area covered with trees providing a lot of shade, you also may need to apply a treatment more frequently. If you live in a sunny area with no trees then you may be able to get away with treating just once a year!

The instructions below are for maintaining a clean driveway. If you feel uncomfortable handling bleach, we have a maintenance plan available so you don’t have to stress!

Items Needed:

– 1 Gallon Pump Sprayer:

– Pool Bleach:

– Water


1. Mix .5 gallons of water and .5 gallons of chlorine in a 1-gallon pump sprayer

2. Apply to the entire driveway. Sprayer should be about 10 inches away and a simple mist will do the trick

3. Wait 10-15 minutes for chemicals to kill the algae and bacteria on the driveway

4. Rinse with a garden hose. For best results, use a garden spray handle with a “Jet” mode feature

Appling this bleach treatment to your driveway will limit algae and bacteria growth. If applied timely, it can reduce the number of times you need to pressure wash your driveway fully. If you have any questions on keeping your driveway clean, contact the professional at First Choice Exterior Cleaning today!

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