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Having a professionally cleaned driveway will not only keep the HOA off your back but will keep your neighbors happy too! If you’re looking for a quality driveway cleaning company, you’ve come to the right place. First Choice offers homeowners impressive high-pressure driveway cleaning in Jacksonville, FL, and St. Augustine, FL. With our driveway cleaning service, you can enjoy a driveway that looks as though it was just installed. More importantly, you’ll receive customer-centric service from a team wanting to achieve your  100% satisfaction. As always, our #1 priority is to provide you an excellent experience using our driveway cleaning services!

Quality Work From The Experts

Investing in driveway cleaning services from First Choice ensures the first part of your home that people see is as beautiful as the rest. With only one chance to make a good first impression, a clean driveway is crucial to impressing guests and preserving property values.

A surface like this is tough to clean without special equipment and chemicals. It can also be dangerous to clean not having the proper equipment. First Choice Exterior Cleaning has all of this covered plus more.

We use a pre and post-treatment application for all of our driveway cleaning services. Be sure to ask this from the company you hire as not all of them will take their time to do pre and post-treatment. If you don’t do these treatments the concrete will get dirty much quicker. This means you’ll be calling another company back sooner than you had hoped for. At First Choice, we do the little things right and don’t take any shortcuts with our exterior cleaning services.

pre and post treating concrete

Have Tough Stains or Rust in Your Driveway?

A general driveway cleaning job will remove dirt and algae from the concrete. What about oil stains and rust marks? Those are common issues we come across a lot, but they can not be removed from a simple cleaning. In those cases, we have packages available to help get them removed. If you’re like most people you likely park your vehicles in the driveway. As you’ve probably noticed, stains will begin to appear where the vehicle is parked. These stains create an ugly eyesore right in the middle of the driveway. The good news is we’re an authorized F9 applicator which means we have access to some of the best stain removal chemicals available. While not all stains can be removed 100% completely, we’ll do our best to remove what we can in a safe manner. Our goal is to have your driveway looking as if it was just installed.

Not only do vehicles leave oil stains, but they can also cause rust to form on your driveway. If you have rust stains on your driveway and haven’t had any luck removing them yourself, give our company a call for rust removal service in Jacksonville, FL. We’ll come out and clean your entire driveway and follow up with a rust removal treatment. As with oil stains, we sometimes may not be able to remove the rust completely but we’ll do all we can to get your driveway looking clean again.

If you’re ready to have a sparkling white driveway again, give our driveway cleaning services a shot. We offer free estimates and affordable packages. Combine your driveway cleaning with roof cleaning Jacksonville, FL, and a house wash for even more reduced rates. Contact us today to get started.

We’ll Leave Your Driveway Clean With NO STREAKS Remaining!

You’ve likely driven around town and noticed newly cleaned driveways with lines remaining on the surface. These lines are created from the surface cleaner and can sometimes make it seem like the driveway was never cleaned in the first place. Whether you decide to clean your driveway or hire a pressure washing company, these lines can appear if the driveway isn’t cleaned correctly. At First Choice Exterior Cleaning, we guarantee to clean your driveway without leaving ANY streaks remaining.

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