Deck & Patio Cleaning Jacksonville, FL

Get Your Outdoor Living Areas Clean Again

We live in beautiful North Florida which is home to some amazing weather. This means a lot of time is spent outside on patios and decks. Our deck cleaning service will make sure they’re in pristine shape. With so many decks being made of wood, regular maintenance for them is crucial. Not only can algae and mold cause the deck to be slippery, but it can decay the wood slowly over time. First Choice Exterior Cleaning can remove those problems with our deck cleaning services in Jacksonville, FL. We’re a local family-owned and operated exterior cleaning company that locals trust to make their decks and patios clean.

You likely invested a lot in your deck or patio, and keeping it clean helps make that investment pay off. A deck cleaning contractor like First Choice Exterior Cleaning can turn a moldy deck into one that looks like it was just built. You’ll love using your deck or patio so much more when it has an appearance you can be proud of. Contact us today to get a free estimate.

Deck Cleaning Done The Right Way

If you’re looking for a reliable deck cleaning company in Jacksonville, FL then you’ve come to the right spot. While you have the ability to rent a pressure washer locally, there is a technic needed to properly clean your deck, especially if it’s made from wood. We’ve seen firsthand the damage caused to wood decks because they weren’t properly cleaned previously.

We have the tools and knowledge to get your deck looking brand new again. If you need help getting your deck cleaned, give us a call to schedule your estimate!


Remove Stains & Rust From Your Patio

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Have a patio in the front or back yard that needs a little help? Contact First Choice Exterior Cleaning for all of your patio cleaning services. We have commercial grade equipment and products to remove stains, algae, mold, dirt, and even rust from your patio! Our process starts with you scheduling a free estimate. From there, we’ll come out to your property and will complete an estimate in as little as 15 minutes. Once the estimate is complete, we’ll go over what all is needed to get your patio cleaned. Usually, we don’t need to use any additional products unless you have bad rust and/or stains. These items typically can’t be removed with a simple cleaning. If additional products are needed to get these areas of concern removed, we will discuss them with you during the initial estimate. Our #1 priority is to provide you with an excellent experience!

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